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137 / 9,001
Hellooo, just made this poll as kind of an extra text widget, and hoping you could help if you can and wish to, just to maintain my premium account going and help other artists which I think deserve some points for their polls O:

Thanks in advance <3

Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke

Note: Slots are filled once I have confirmation of the client being okay with the price.

Also, commissions can be cancelled as late as in the red dot stage.

Commission information and pricing can be seen here

How does progress works:

:bulletblack: Slot Taken, Planning
:bulletred: Planned
:bulletorange: Paid, Sketching
:bulletyellow: Lineart, Coloring
:bulletgreen: Background, Shading, Text
:bulletblue: Done

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Lol Bunnies



Oct 19, 2017
11:03 am
Oct 19, 2017
11:02 am
Oct 19, 2017
11:00 am
Oct 19, 2017
10:47 am
Oct 19, 2017
10:45 am


Andrey Flores
Artist | Student | Digital Art
I draw TG (Gender Transformation) AR (Age Regression) WG (Weight Gain) and More (As in, more stuff <3)

I live in Cuenca, Spain, but I was born in Santiago de Chile

ahm, more about myself? That's on my second id, wait up, I'll link it... here :…
Just what the title says, I arrived recently from the month travel to my homeland, I put all sorts of pics of it on my twitter. There is quite a lot of to tell about the travel, but I don't wanna just dump giant paragraphs in a journal, specially since it's been a month with barely any updates, if you wanna know about it then feel free to ask.

About what's coming next, I'll make sure to get the next IISY page done soon, though now that I can start working normally I shall also make sure to get to work on patreon related stuff, so if I owe you patreon rewards then message me.

Regarding the couple of traditional commissions I've recently completed, I've been in talks with the commissioner to mail him both drawings, I guess if this works well it can become an standard thing for traditional commissions, (though I won't be taking commissions at the moment). After I've drawn and uploaded the next page of IISY I'll get going with the crowdfunding idea we had talked about some months ago.

Also, as I had mentioned in the previous journal, I'll also be making galleries in other websites, I'll link them here once they're properly set.



Sorry if I'm not replying to notes/messages, it's been because of this and this

Turns out my landlord showed up today and he should move in a couple days, so I already did what I mention in the second paragraph of the second link. I guess it'll be better to post another status once he's gone and I can finally get some proper rest.

EDIT: Tuesday night update from the first link.
Regarding this pic I've just uploaded:

Yuno by MentalCrash

if I happen to owe you some patreon rewards, you can request them as traditional pictures, since I'll be travelling to the south corner of the continent this saturday so I'll most likely take traditional commissions or draw traditional patreon rewards if anyone's interested.

So, if anyone's interested just drop a comment here or in that picture. Prices would be what's estipulated here, if you wanted something like a comic/sequence I guess we'd have to talk it through.

P.S.: There are high chances I'd end up mailing those to any commissioner interested, that's also something I'd have to talk through with people here.
These last couple weeks I've been super busy, and I'm really sorry for the delays >3> First off some friends I hadn't seen in almost 10 years came by my parent's city, they had been travelling through Europe and stopped in Spain for some hours, so I went to my parents place for the day, then my sister came by to visit once I was back home, then I was busy finishing some language course I took this semester, then brother, who I also hardly ever see, drops by :T
He left today, so now I can finally get back to drawing quietly.

I'll go check the huge bunch of messages and notes I have pending now, sorry if I didn't reply any of it before .3.
Just some quick trio of thingies >3>

The Ko-Fi page I made started up nicely, these are counted in EUR, but the price I had set for the IISY pages was 250 USD, so I'll be calculating the total with this website I always use for currency calculation, So I'll keep a close counting on the donations in the current website, once I'm done with the current commission list I'll make sure to set things up better with a patreon exclusive to it and probably other options.

There's an Age Regression Collab going on at Hourglass-of-Youth, the deadline is May 20th (I don't know if that can or can't be extended), so you can still enter if you're interested >3o

And last but not least, Mr. Cloud-Dream has recently opened a Patreon Account, go take a look if you feel like supporting their work :>
I just found about a donation site called Ko-Fi, this might actually prove super useful with the crowdfunding IISY plan, so I made an account and added a logo to my journal, check my Ko-Fi page if you're interested :>

Heheh Hohoho

Paypal Donations

I've made a paypal donation button for single time donations, in case you're not interested in something like patreon which is billed monthly, and just feel like helping out, many many many thanks to anyone who decides to help.

Currently Working On...

-Patreon Rewards


-Setting up new galleries.
-IISY Update
-In time: Dark Fantasy



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