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The Third Gender
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Thanks in advance <3

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Lol Bunnies



Apr 24, 2017
12:01 pm
Apr 24, 2017
11:56 am
Apr 24, 2017
11:56 am
Apr 24, 2017
11:55 am
Apr 24, 2017
11:54 am


Andrey Flores
Artist | Student | Digital Art
I draw TG (Gender Transformation) AR (Age Regression) WG (Weight Gain) and More (As in, more stuff <3)

I live in Cuenca, Spain, but I was born in Santiago de Chile

ahm, more about myself? That's on my second id, wait up, I'll link it... here :…

[Text from update is below marked with date]

The title says it all, this has been a constant problem since over a year after the comic started, each update going increasingly further apart from each other, even though I had planned on using a patreon milestone to ensure at least a page a month that ended up failing, pledge come and go too often and I still end up having to take care of rewards from patreon first.
Truth is Patreon Rewards tend to suck out quite a lot of time, specially since people can claim them at any time. It can't be helped and they're definitely a fundamental support for me to be able to focus on drawing exclusively, but they always end up being the highest priority.

That added to the fact that I keep doing commissions in the same or even bigger amount that before means IISY ends up constantly being pushed back, since it's either a commission or a patreon reward that's keeping me busy.

So I started to think some way around it a couple weeks ago, after exchanging a couple of comments in what was currently the latest page of IISY, you can see the comments exchange here. Since I'm guessing most people won't want to read through all that, a summary would basically be:

Drawings are my only source of income, this means I need to constantly keep drawing if I expect to make any money, so basically I need to take commissions in order to survive. sentzeu3 suggested "commissioning" the updates of IISY, this meaning the readers would pay for the new pages, and I could give them a much higher priority since I could get an income off these updates and I wouldn't need to be taking as many commissions.

With such system I could keep a scheduled deliver, which would work nicely if set at a certain day each month.

Of course I'd make sure not to slack with these updates, and in all the time I've been here I can say I'd pride myself in being honest and transparent when it comes to commissioned work, so I'd keep a status for each page being worked on and of course any time I knew I would be unable to deliver I'd let everyone know in advance.

If it's decided then I guess the only things that'd need to be discussed is if there would be a set price for each page and what method would work best for the readers to donate at (Directly to Paypal, Patreon, etc.).

BUT of course this needs to be talked through, which is the reason why I'm making this journal, any ideas and opinions on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading :heart:


UPDATE 18/04/2017

From the information I've gattered off comments, notes and emails, I could see the crowdfunding system actually working, setting a maximum amount of pages that could be released each month (Let's say 3 for starters), I'd also make sure to do a free update once in a while, I feel that specially in pages where there's just one character not moving much and with little to no dialogue it'd be kinda pointless to ask money for it.

The only questions now being which system to use exactly and what'd the exact amount per page be, regarding the system, amongst the ideas I got, the two that seemed the best were simply:

-Set up a tip jar on my account here with a direct link to Paypal with an icon I'd change once the amount is reached.
-Set up a Patreon Account exclusively for IISY

Now while the Patreon Account seems like it'd be the simplest solution to handle, there are some tiny details that'd need consideration:
-Patreon has it's own percentage fees alongside Paypal's, which means less money than if it was directly donated to Paypal
-I currently dont' know if I would set rewards for this patreon account, simply because I can't think of any, the reward with which people can add background characters to the comic is already in my current patreon account. Only one I can think of atm is to give people early access, I usually post each page as it's finished, but I guess the crowdfunding thing will probably make things different.

Second question is the exact amount per page, I've reached an exact amount based off the price of my commissions, since after all the initial idea was to be able to give more focus to IISY than what I've been giving to commissioned comics, so the price per page would be 250 USD, this of course it's still subject to change, but considering the amount of characters that'll be showing up as regulars it's around the price a normal commissioned comic page of mine would cost.

I'd really need any comments you could give me here to help set things up, both regarding the system and the total price, as well as any other points or ideas you may have, if this does get up and running I'd expect to start it as early as May and as late as June, but of course we've yet to see.

Again thank you very much for reading :heart:



Hey heyyy! Thanks to everyone for the super nice birthday comments! I also got these gifts from some awesome super awesome artists:

Happy birthday! by Strawb-Ellie That's what friends are for by TF-SquareSting A bday Makeover and Regression for mentalcrash 1 by RegressedToBabyhood A Bday Gift cone Fusioned by Accident 1 by RegressedToBabyhood

Mature Content

Giftart: the memes by which all is revealed by DANYANTTO
Sorry I've been quiet for half of the month, I've been working on a large commission and it's still gonna take me some time to get it done. If you want a sneak peek though:
Merry Christmas everyone, I've been off for the most part these days due to a large amount of troublesome events and certain things I needed to take care of (I explained a bunch over it on my twitter), so I apologize for not having new stuff for the holidays, I can explain further if you want, but I just wanted to do a quick status to wish you all happy holidays, and sorry for all the unreplied messages I have as usual, I'll take care of those as soon as I get some spare time.
Anyone wants to exchange a Kadabra for a Kadabra and a Machoke for a Machoke in Pokemon Sun/Moon?

Got both, thanks Soul-of-Platinum and TurtwigChampion, very very much :>

Heheh Hohoho

Paypal Donations

I've made a paypal donation button for single time donations, in case you're not interested in something like patreon which is billed monthly, and just feel like helping out, many many many thanks to anyone who decides to help.

Currently Working On...

--A B-Day pic ans some more stuff no one requested.


-IISY Update
-In time: Dark Fantasy



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Tglover21 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist

How're you doing? It's been forever! ^^
MentalCrash Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
It's been forever indeed :3
I've been quite fine over here, keeping myself busy with drawings as usual, how about you?
Tglover21 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
That's good ^^
And i've been busy with classes and working on manga projects with people.

Which, if you ever open commissions again, I'd like to do more with Sister Complex if you'd want to continue that xD
MentalCrash Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
Oh, true, these dates are quite a struggle for students, specially May it seems.

I'm actually planning on reopening them very soon, but only for single character pictures, so like maximum two characters per image, it'll just be for this batch though, afterwards I'll be going back to regular commissions, I'd also love to do more of the Sister Complex series :>
(1 Reply)
DANYANTTO Featured By Owner Edited 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i know you are busy fapping your dragon maid and stuff but de lo que hablamos estos me acorde de esto:…

para los estandares de hoy tal vez no sea tan impresionante pero back in the ps2 days this was the shit man ademas asumo que tiene suficiente evangelion subtext nonsense to make you wanna look it up, cause you kids can never have enough of that evangelion pretemptiousness~
also si tienes una psp puedes bajarte la version p3p del juego que te deja jugar la historia clasica como una protagonista femenina si asi lo deseas~ 

to give you a sumary of picks though:
p3 is about stoping the end of mankind caused by .......  because  humanity has...... like always
P4 is about finding out who or what is behind a series of really sadistic and yet rather interesting murders happening on a rural town that may or may not be connected to how humanity ...... all tge time.
P5 well so far is about this group of charming fellows trying to bring justice back to the hands of people by making corrupt people to have a "change of heart" and confess and repent for their sins... i've  yet to see how this has some religious conotations as the plot unfolds and also my sister is on it (?)

MentalCrash Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
Mmm, si te digo que la franquicia me interesa, solo que me algo de flojera el tener que jugarla desde el primer juego, que es lo que suelo hacer con franquicias que me interesan.
DANYANTTO Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
como te dije cada historia es auto conclusiva, dime que sentido tiene jugar los final fantasy desde el 1 hasta el 15 en orden si ninguna de las historias tienen mayor conexión ?

simplemente intenta con el 3 primero, es el mas difícil y tiene la trama mas "oscura" según se dice así que seguro te pela mas, en cuanto a los persona 1, 2 y 2.5 pues solo conozco la historia y se que en uno involucran nazis y hasta sale hitler en persona, pero por razones de derechos, en la versión en ingles se le cambio el nombre a "fuhrer" y las swastikas fueron "retocadas" o eliminadas creo.
MentalCrash Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
Si, recuerdo haber visto los screencaps de Hitler sonriente en /v/, el 3 es donde se disparan en la sien, no?
(1 Reply)
battybuddy Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Happy Birthday. :D
MentalCrash Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
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